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Our objective is to provide vehicles to you that can be fixed and save you money. The vehicles listed below are available to the public as well as to the dealers.

Some of the vehicles listed below are in a process of various repairs or improvements being made to them.  If you see an ***** following the pictures, then some repairs have been made on the vehicles, but the pictures have not been updated.  Watch for highlight for reduced price.

If you are wondering what the abbreviations mean, they are as follows:  L/F--left front,  CT---Clean Title, Frt--front, Mech--Mechanical, R/O--Roll Over, R/F--Right front, A/O---All Over, E/B---Engine Burn, L/S--left side, R/S--right side, R/R orL/R--right or left rear

If you live outside our area and need some assistance in having this vehicle shipped to you, we may be able to assist in getting the vehicle shipped .  Call us for quotes.

******************************************Repairable Vehicles****************************************                                                      

2003 Escape---4 Dr, 3.0 6cyl, 71K, Gray, Front Damage-----$4,550

1990 Lesabre---180K, needs water pump and serpentine belt, maroon----$950

2001 Malibu---Recovered Theft-------------------------------------------$1,800

2008 Chevrolet HHR LT---Rear Damage, 16K,--------------------------$11,500




************************Ready to Drive******************************************


2001 Ranger x/c---68K, Silver, Front & R/S------------$6,700


2007 HHR---




***********************************USED Vehicles*****************************************




Prices are subject to change.  Some of our vehicles are in the process of various repairs.  We cannot always keep up the price sheet or the web site to currently reflect the parts or repairs that have  been done.  Therefore, we reserve the right to adjust prices at any time.  We will not guarantee that the price listed is the final sale price.